Complete Your MBA @ Just Rs.32000/- KUK BA,B.SC,B.Com 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th Sem Part/Year Result 2016

Complete Your MBA @ Just Rs.32000/-
KUK Kurukshetra University BA, 1st Part,2nd Part,3rd Part Result 2016/KUK B.SC 1st Year,2nd Year,3rd Year Result 2016/KUK B.Com 1st Year,2nd Year,3rd Year Result 2016

KUK  BA,B.SC,B.Com 1st,2nd,3rd Part/Year wise Result 2016

KUK Kurukshetra university have already released the annual examination result in their official website.The KUK conducts UG BA,B.SC,B.Com,B.BA,B.CA,B.Tech,B.Pharma,B.Arc,LLB and PG MA,M.SC,M.Com,M.BA,M.CA,M.Tech and Ph.D courses every year also.The university examination department have declared and uploaded the official university result at the official website and now it is available at our can download all courses of university result opened by the KUK from here.

The Kurukshetra University is a university established on 11 January 1957 in Kurukshetra in the Indian state of Haryana is also conducts the distance education course for degree and diploma courses at different center.The candidates are searching Result of KUK university don't worry here we provide the easy method to download your result and all important exam result link are given below,so read the post and view and download your result 2016 For all courses is available here.

  • KUK BA 1st Part Result 2016.
  • KUK BA 2nd Part Result 2016.
  • KUK BA 3rd Part Result 2016.

  • KUK B.SC 1st Year Result 2016.
  • KUK B.SC 2nd Year Result 2016.
  • KUK B.SC 3rd Year Result 2016.

  • KUK B.Com 1st Year Result 2016.
  • KUK B.Com 2nd Year Result 2016
  • KUK B.Com 3rd  Year Result 2016
As above example of key word you can easily search KUK University result .


  • Firstly click the link given below.
  • You will be automatically redirect in to official website of university.
  • Put the key word or searching word in provided box given above.
  • Now put your course details Register no Date of birth and submit the details.
  • After few second a pdf file with yourResult will appear at your screen. 
  • Check and save your result or take a hard copy for future application.
  • Best of luck to all students.



28-09-2016LLM PREVIOUS MAY 2016
27-09-2016BA IV SEM MAY 2016
27-09-2016B.COM. IV SEM MAY 2016
19-09-2016B.Sc. 4th Sem. May-2016
19-09-2016M.A. English (Final) May-2016
19-09-2016M.A. English (Previous) May-2016
14-09-2016BA PART I APRIL 2016
12-09-2016MA ECONOMICS IV SEM MAY 2016
12-09-2016MA ECONOMICS II SEM MAY 2016
12-09-2016MA ECONOMICS (PREV) MAY 2016
12-09-2016MA ECONOMICS (FINAL) MAY 2016
09-09-2016B.Com. 1st Year April-2016
06-09-2016B.C.A. 4th Sem. May-2016
31-08-2016B. COM. II YEAR ANNUAL APRIL 2016
22-08-2016B.Sc. Ist Sem. (590503-5351053)-I Dec-2015
B.Sc. Ist Sem. (5351053-1144471376)-II Dec-2015
19-08-2016BA II YEAR APRIL 2016 PART I  (RNO 2000010-2071009)
BA II YEAR APRIL 2016 PART II (RNO 2071010-2472042)
15-07-2016B.Com. Ist Sem. Dec-2015-1(R.No. 1260122-4886119)

B.Com. Ist Sem. Dec-2015-2(R.No. 4886120-5883329)

B.Com. Ist Sem. Dec-2015-3(R.No. 5883330-1144472039)
14-07-2016BBA VI SEM MAY 2016
12-07-2016BCA VI SEM MAY 2016
11-07-2016B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 1144001-4303765)
B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 4303766-4327499)
B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 4327500-5304941)

B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 5304942-5317750)
B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 5317751-5331684)
B.A. Ist Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll No. 5331685-1144470298)
08-07-2016BA 2ND YEAR MAY 2016
08-07-2016B.COM. VI SEM MAY 2016
08-07-2016B.COM. PART III ANNUAL MAY 2016
06-07-2016B.SC. VI SEM MAY 2016
23-06-2016BBA III SEM DEC 2015
23-06-2016BBA I SEM DEC 2015
10-06-2016MA HINDI III SEM DEC 2015
10-06-2016MA HINDI I SEM DEC 2015
09-06-2016B.COM. III SEM PART I (Roll No. 000168034-0003892904)
B.COM. III SEM PART II (Roll No. 0003892905-0004885293)
B.COM. III SEM PART III (Roll No. 0004885294-0004896951)
08-06-2016PGDCA DEC 2015
01-06-2016MA HISTORY FINAL DEC 2015
01-06-2016MA ENGLISH III SEM DEC 2015
01-06-2016MA ENGLISH I SEM DEC 2015
30-05-2016Result of B.Ed. held in Feb 2016
24-05-2016B.A. III Semester Dec-2015 (Roll No. 0000766264 to Roll No. 0003310674)
B.A. III Semester Dec-2015 (Roll No. 0003310675 to Roll No. 0003340448)
B.A. III Semester Dec-2015 (Roll No. 0003340449 to Roll No. 0004316901)
B.A. III Semester Dec-2015 (Roll No. 0004316902 to Roll No. 0004338369)
B.A. III Semester Dec-2015 (Roll No. 0004338370 to Roll No. 1144470285)
18-05-2016BBA V sem Dec 2015 result
18-05-2016B.Lib. Science Dec-2015
18-05-2016BCA III SEM DEC 2015
17-05-2016MA Punjabi Previous Dec 2015.
13-05-2016B. Sc. III Sem Dec 2015 (Roll.No. 0001058001 To 0004355577)
B.Sc. III Sem Dec 2015 (Roll.No. 0004355578 To 1144471371)
13-05-2016B.Sc. Vth Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll.No. 0000746279 To 0003359051)
B.Sc. Vth Sem. Dec-2015 (Roll.No. 0003359052 To 1144471386)
13-05-2016MA English Final Dec 2015
12-05-2016MA Pol Sc. Previous Dec 2015
12-05-2016MA Punjabi Final Dec 2015
12-05-2016MA English Previous Dec 2015
12-05-2016MA Education Previous Dec 2015
12-05-2016MA Education Final Dec 2015
12-05-2016M.A. Public Administration (Previous) Dec-2015
12-05-2016M.A. Hindi (Previous) Dec-2015
12-05-2016M.A. Hindi (Final) Dec-2015
25-04-2016                  B.A. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Roll.No. 0000125935 To 0002322401)
B.A. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Roll.No. 0002322407 To  0003307100)
B.A. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Roll.No. 0003307101 To  0003324963)
B.A. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Roll.No. 0003324964 To  0003344114)
B.A. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Roll.No. 0003344115  To  1144470302)
25-04-2016M.A. Political Science (Previous) Dec-2015
25-04-2016M.A. Political Science (Final) Dec-2015
25-04-2016M.A. Economics (Previous) Dec-2015
25-04-2016M.A. Economics (Final) Dec-2015
20-04-2016B.Com. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Part-1)
B.Com. Vth Sem. Dec.-2015 (Part-2)
18-04-2016L.L.M. - Ist Year Dec-2015
18-04-2016L.L.M. - IInd Year Dec-2015
11-04-2016B.C.A. 5th Sem. Dec.-2015
03-03-2016B.A. Ist year Oct-2015
02-03-2016B.Com. Ist Year Oct.-2015
26-02-2016B.A. IInd Year Oct-2015
18-02-2016B.A. Final Year Oct-2015
11-02-2016B.Com Final Year Oct.-2015
12-01-2016B.Sc. IInd Sem. May-2015 Part-3
12-01-2016B.Sc. IInd Sem. May-2015 Part-2
12-01-2016B.Sc. IInd Sem. May-2015 Part-1
04-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-VI May-2015
04-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-V May-2015
04-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-IV May-2015
04-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-III May-2015
01-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-I May-2015
01-01-2016B.A. IInd Sem. Part-II May-2015



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