Complete Your MBA @ Just Rs.32000/- Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015

Complete Your MBA @ Just Rs.32000/-
Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st sem exam result 2015/Bhavnagar University SYBSC 3rd sem exam result 2015/Bhavnagar University SYBSC 5th sem exam result 2015

Bhavnagar University has declared the SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015 and this time a large number of students searching for their Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015 ,so this time we have provide you full details and information about how to check and download your Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015 from the main website of university ,so all details and information are given below.

every year a very large number of students apppeared in this written examination and this year also a very large numner of candidates was successfully appeared in this Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam and now this time we are going to give you a important and working link in order to download this Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015 successfully from the main official website ,from and from

checking for the Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015 and how to checking process are written below ::

  • all candidates should visit the below links first and open the live links.
  • after clicking on the live link you will see a box where submit your roll number and date of birth.
  • in case of security code ,fill the correct captcha .
  • submit all details and finally you will get your Bhavnagar University SYBSC 1st,3rd,5th sem exam result 2015.
  • best of luck to all.

ABOUT Bhavnagar University

The Bhavnagar University is now named as Maharaja Krishnakumar Sinhji Bhavnagar University. It is located in Bhavnagar city in the western province of Gujarat, India. The university provides teaching and research programs in Arts, Commerce, Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Rural Studies and Law Faculties. It has 22 departments, 18 postgraduate centres and four recognized institutes and research centres.

83 colleges affiliated to university belong to Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Education, Engineering, Management, Rural and Medical disciplines. Twenty two post graduate courses are run by some of the colleges which are affiliated to Bhavnagar University.

Bhavnagar was the first princely state to merge with the Union of India at the time of independence in 1947 by Maharaja Krishnakumar Sinhji Raol. Bhavnagar University came into being in 24 May 1979. Its land-estate area is 198 acres.

important links are available here ::

Sr. No. Name
1.2014-10-10 Bhavnagar University TY-NURSING-OR-JULY-2014
2.2014-10-16  Bhavnagar University FYBA-EXT-OR-14-PAP-JULY-14
3.2014-10-16 Bhavnagar University  FYBA-EXT-OR-7-PAP-JULY-14
4.2014-10-17  Bhavnagar University SYBSC-NURSING-FINAL-OR-JULY-14
5.2014-10-18 Bhavnagar University  SYBA-EXT-OR-14PAPER-JULY-14
6.2014-10-18  Bhavnagar University SYBA-EXT-OR-7PAPER-JULY-14
7.2014-10-18  Bhavnagar University SYBA-REG-OR-JULY-14
8.2014-10-19  Bhavnagar University TYLAW-MON-OR
9.2014-10-19  Bhavnagar University LLB-sem-1-or
10.2014-10-19  Bhavnagar University LLB-sem-2-or
11.2014-10-19  Bhavnagar University LLB-sem-3-or
12.2014-10-19 Bhavnagar University  TYLAW-WIN-OR
14.2014-11-12 Bhavnagar University  BED-HI-SEM-1-FINAL-OR
15.2014-11-12  Bhavnagar University BED-SEM-II-FINAL-OR
16.2014-11-12 Bhavnagar University  FYBSC-NURSING-FINAL-OR-JULY-14
17.2014-11-12 Bhavnagar University  TYBA-OR-ENG-OCT-14
18.2014-11-12 Bhavnagar University  TYBA-OR-HINDI-OCT-14
19.2014-11-12  Bhavnagar University TYBCOM-OR-OCT-14
20.2014-11-18 Bhavnagar University  FYBRS-FINAL-OR
21.2014-11-19  Bhavnagar University OR-BED-Sem-I
22.2014-11-19  Bhavnagar University TYBCA-OCT-2014-OR
23.2014-11-20  Bhavnagar University BED-BASIC-SEM-I-FINAL-OR
24.2014-11-20  Bhavnagar University TYBSC-OCT-14-FINAL-OR
25.2014-11-26  Bhavnagar University FYBSC-IT-FINAL-OR
26.2014-11-26  Bhavnagar University LLM-SEM-1-FINAL-OR
27.2014-11-26  Bhavnagar University LLM-SEM-3-FINAL-OR
28.2014-11-26  Bhavnagar University POST-SYBSC-NURSING-FINAL-OR
29.2014-11-26  Bhavnagar University TYBBA-FINAL-OR
30.2014-11-27  Bhavnagar University FYBSC-POST-NURSING-FINAL-OR
31.2014-11-28  Bhavnagar University FYBCA-FINAL-OR
32.2014-11-28 Bhavnagar University FYMBBS-FINAL-OR-NOV-14
33.2014-11-29  Bhavnagar University FYBBA-FINAL-OR
34.2014-12-17 -  Bhavnagar University PGDCA-SEM-I-FINAL-OR-NOV-14
35.2014-12-20 Bhavnagar University  FYBSC-FINAL-OR
36.2015-01-02  Bhavnagar University FYBCOM-OR- 31-12-2014
37.2015-01-06  Bhavnagar University SYBA-REGULAR-OR-OCT-14
38.2015-01-06  Bhavnagar University SYBCOM-REGULAR-OR-OCT-14
39.2015-01-07  Bhavnagar University FYBA-FINAL-OR


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